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3 months ago
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Welcome to our forum. We're keen to hear your thoughts on running a sustainable business in Woollahra. Here are some prompts to get the conversation started.
  • What are the biggest sustainability issues facing businesses in Woollahra?
  • What are your aspirations to become a more environmentally sustainable business?
  • What challenges do you face to become a more environmentally sustainable business?
  • What steps is your business taking to be more sustainable?

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  • CYCA 5 months ago
    The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, established in 1944, is committed to the environment and keen to operate in a sustainable way - across its regular events, Club operations and competitions.We are committed to providing a sustainable environment and look forward to continuing our positive relationship with Woollahra Municipal Council.
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    • Admin Commented MR 5 months ago
      Great to hear about your commitments to sustainability CYCA - please let us know some of the steps you've taken to be more sustainable.
  • Nic Katherine 5 months ago
    AV Installation Services Pty Ltd is a local business, passionate about the environment and our beautiful surroundings. Spending more time with locals and other inspiring people, the company started to look at ways to reduce waste and made a decision to start with plastic at the office and in our homes. Recently attending a seminar about micro plastics organised by Woollarha Council, this provided useful education in taking steps towards significant reduction of plastic products. Engaging in nature excursions held in Cooper Park, Camp Cove, Nielsen Park and Parsely Bay helped with acknowledging how much wildlife and marine life live in these areas. Caring for these spaces is a privilege and am keen to adopt further ways to help.The company started with soft plastic consumption. If used, this is collected and taken down to Woolworths Double Bay. There is a soft plastics disposal, close to the lifts. A local newsagent in Rose Bay assists with recycling plastic bottles.Some of our local stores are stocking office supplies and common household items with the environment in mind. More of these products being stocked and available helps to empower us to make these choices. Another recent change in the office is the use of soap berries for our laundry requirements. So effective, this has been adopted by many in their private homes as well. The office makes a conscious effort to avoid printing, unless necessary. This has decreased the need for printing by at least 50%. No more single use plastic is used, keep cups have assisted with this change.The benefits not only feel great as a company, there is also many cost savings to enjoy and am excited to keep exploring further environmental choices. The company is excited to hear what other local businesses have adopted in becoming more of an environmentally sustainable business. Keeping the momentum of change going will make a difference towards keeping our Streams, Harbours and Reserves beautiful in good health.Walking through these parks, enjoying our amazing birdlife, frogs, seahorses and beautiful trees keeps the team happy, healthy and focussed on the importance in a shift of making different shopping purchases.Great initiative.
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    • Admin Commented MR 5 months ago
      Wow - a very inspiring list of local actions to reduce your waste and be a more sustainable business. Thanks for sharing these ideas and your interest in our environmental events and Bushcare program.
  • theviewhair 5 months ago
    We run a hair salon in Vaucluse (The View of Vaucluse) and this matter is close to our hearts so we are delighted to see Woollahra takling this issue.Last year we were inspired to become a Sustainable Salon, so now instead of putting our used colour tubes, foils and chemicals into landfill, Sustainable Salons Australia recycle our waste and give the profits to charities like Oz Harvest, who feed less fortunate people. The increased cost to our clients is negligable but now both us and them can feel better about our actions while helping the environment. We really hope there are other initiatives out there that non-salon businesses can join to do the same sort of thing in their
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    • Admin Commented MR 5 months ago
      Thanks for sharing your experience and passion for reducing waste View of Vaucluse. The Sustainable Salons program provides an outstanding recycling service for hair and beauty salons - its great to see we have several salons in Woollahra taking part.