How did this project come about?

    Council continually investigates opportunity to increase the safety at Gap Park and surrounding area.

    We anticipate that the additional lighting will promote greater numbers of after dark active and passive recreation, as there would be access to safe public open space for unstructured outdoor exercise, walking the dog, going for a jog, etc. at the end of a working day.

    What has been the community engagement for this project?

    Council opened the Your Say page and encouraged community members to contact staff or send through questions on the project. Posters were put up on site to bring attention to this page and the project.

    Council staff also presented to the Safety Committee, who supported the project in November 2019. 

    Council staff have also been working alongside Harbour Trust, as part of the project runs through their land at the Macqaurie Lighthouse. 

    Will the lighting increase activation?

    The lighting along the footpath will extend the time available for people to enjoy the path for exercise. Already many people access the pathway to walk their dog, run or walk in the hours before darkness sets in. Observations of the path show a significant change of frequency of use once it starts to get dark. The lighting will create additional opportunities for people to use the path.

    Doesn't the pathway go through Harbour Trust land?

    Yes. Council as been working with Harbour Trust to ensure the lights continue through their land alongside the Macquarie Lighthouse.