What do you mean by 'community facilities'?

    Community facilities are public places where members of the community gather for recreational, educational, artistic and social activities. They can be staffed by community organisations or Council (e.g. libraries, community centres, preschools) or unstaffed (e.g. community halls for hire).

    Who is conducting the study?

    Woollahra Council will engage consultant to assist us with research, benchmarking and best practice ideas.

    Why is Council reviewing its community facilities?

    We want to ensure our facilities are best placed to cater for our community in a changing world.

    Council has a portfolio of community facilities, and there are other groups in Woollahra who provide community spaces, services and support to enable people to come together to connect, learn and create. 

    How does this impact me?

    Your ideas and aspirations are important to us. We will use your feedback to help us plan for spaces that reflect our community's needs. 

    How can I have my say?

    If you’re reading this FAQ you’ve already taken the first step to having your say!

    To share your views and stay up-to-date on this project, make sure you register on Our Woollahra Your Say.

    What happens to the comments I make?

    We will use your comments to help ensure the Community Facilities Study reflects what you, our community, wants for the future.

    Comments received at each stage of consultation will deepen our understanding of how to make sure our community facilities and buildings provision meets your needs and aspirations. 

    Feedback will inform the final study report, which will go before Council in June 2019.