What is the vision for the laneways?

    The vision for the laneways is set out in the Double Bay Public Domain Strategy. This Strategy envisions a transformation of how the lanes are used and their physical form. It is a different way of how we see and think about our laneways.

    How will businesses continue to be serviced?

    We will take a balanced approach to improving the laneways and ensuring that servicing of business is maintained. We are approaching this project knowing that outcomes need to be both balanced and practical. 

    What will the Commercial Waste Strategy entail?

    The Commercial Waste Strategy will translate our vision for improved laneways into goals, objectives and actions to assist businesses to better reduce, reuse and recycle their waste.

    Who is Talis?

    Talis Consultants are a dedicated team of Waste Management, Environmental, Noise, Air Quality, Asset Management and Civil Engineering specialists.

    Forward focused, the Talis Waste Management team recognises the ever-changing needs of an evolving waste management industry. Talis understands the life cycle of all wastes and specialises in the delivery of strategic waste management solutions. 

    We are partnering with Woollahra Municipal Council to address the management of commercial waste storage and collection in lane ways within the Double Bay commercial centre. Understanding a project’s unique requirements, our team specialises in the creation and implementation of strategic custom solutions for waste management.

    Talis recognises that awareness of the needs of businesses, residences and other stakeholders and the importance of education are critical to the successful implementation of waste strategies. We are committed to working with Woollahra Municipal Council to improve the viability and ambience of laneways for businesses and the community. 

    Please feel free to visit our website for further information regarding our waste management consulting expertise: www.talisconsultants.com.au