Why is Council proposing to re-design Dillon Street Reserve?

The receipt of additional land at Dillon Street Reserve provides an opportunity to redesign the space to reflect the needs of the local community.

How much new land is being added to the park?

Council has received an area measuring 1300m2 from Anglicare, owners of the old Scottish Hospital site. This brings the total site to more than 3400m2. 

Who gifted Council the new parcel of land?

The Anglicare organisation, owners of the Scottish Hospital site and owners of the new development The Terraces.

What is Council's budget for the re-design?

Council has a budget of up to $350,000 this financial year (2019-20) for the park re-design. 

What is Council proposing for the re-design?

Council has no preconceptions about the design of the park other than it will need to meet the needs of the community and be able to be constructed within the available budget and project scope.

We will collaborate with the community on the re-design to produce a concept design for Dillon Street Reserve. 

How do I get involved?

There are three ways to get involved.

  1. Sign up to Your Say Woollahra, Council's online engagement platform. It's free, quick and easy, and you only have to register once to take part in any open project. 
  2. Register your interest for the Dillon Street Reserve project.
  3. Have your say! Come along to our meet & greet event on Saturday 27 July. Later, you'll be invited to share your views at our community open day, by taking our survey, and coming along do our design workshop.