Why is Council proposing to re-design Dillon Street Reserve?

    The receipt of additional land at Dillon Street Reserve provides an opportunity to redesign the space to reflect the needs of the local community.

    How much new land is being added to the park?

    Council has received an area measuring 1300m2 from the owners of the old Scottish Hospital site. This brings the total site to more than 3400m2. 

    Who gifted Council the new parcel of land?

    The Presbyterian Aged Care organisation, owners of the Scottish Hospital site and owners of the new development The Terraces.

    What is Council's budget for the re-design?

    Council has a budget of up to $350,000 this financial year (2019-20) for the park re-design and build. 

    What has been the community engagement for this project?

    • A meet and greet that was held on site on Saturday 27 July 2019.
    • An online survey was live from 17 August - 13 September 2019 that was informed by feedback gathered on the open day.
    • A design workshop with the community, Council and our landscape architects was held in October 2019.
    • On 26 February we held a 'Kids Only' sneak peek of our draft concept plans for children involved in the process.

    Are there any trees being removed from the reserve as part of the plan?

    As part of the redesign, trees were reviewed for their suitability to the reserve. 

    There are eight Celtis spp. (Hackberry) trees within the park. Hackberry are generally considered as undesirable in the Woollahra Municipality. Six of these are planned to be removed to allow solar access to the higher value understorey species being Lilly Pilly and  Blackbean . The remaining two Hackberry provide shade over the playground and will be pruned to remove deadwood and for safety. 

    There is a small Eucalyptus tree within the reserve that is also planned to be removed due to its low contribution to the amenity and canopy cover for the area. 

    Five new trees being a mix of Angophora costata and Jacaranda are proposed to be planted along the southern side and south/east corner of the reserve. These species have been selected for their open canopies to continue to allow sunlight through as they mature. These new trees will be advanced stock and a minimum of 2m at the time of planting. 

    The dominant Fiddlewood and a Camphor laurel will be retained to provide canopy and shading for the reserve. These trees will also be pruned for deadwood and safety.

    What is Council proposing for the re-design?

    Council has no preconceptions about the design of the park other than it will need to meet the needs of the community and be able to be constructed within the available budget and project scope.

    We will collaborate with the community on the re-design to produce a concept design for Dillon Street Reserve. 

    How do I get involved?

    There are three ways to get involved.

    1. Sign up to Your Say Woollahra, Council's online engagement platform. It's free, quick and easy, and you only have to register once to take part in any open project. 
    2. Register your interest for the Dillon Street Reserve project.
    3. Have your say! Come along to our meet & greet event on Saturday 27 July. Later, you'll be invited to share your views at our community open day, by taking our survey, and coming along do our design workshop.

    How do I read the Concept Plan?

    The first page of the concept plan gives a birds eye view of the layout of the reserve. You should be able to make out people sitting having a picnic on the grassed area, and people sitting at new picnic tables. The top portion of the plan shows the suggestions for the gully area.

    The second page gives two cross sections of the design. The top images cuts  through the rope climb and balancing logs. The bottom image shows the existing playground and new swing set.   

    Will the Reserve remain Dog-Free?

    Dogs are prohibited in Dillon Street Reserve. 

    During the consultation for the redesign, there were many comments on this topic. A majority of feedback was to keep the current restriction in place.

    Dillon Street Reserve is considered a safe play space across the whole reserve. As per the  Companion Animals Act 1998, dogs are prohibited in Children's play areas.