Have your say on dog controls in Woollahra - Gap Park


Public comments are now open for proposed changes to Gap Park's dog control protocols.

We have concluded our public exhibition and submission period for all parks other than Gap Park, which was inadvertently left out of the public exhibition.

Dogs provide companionship, encourage active lifestyles and many people see dogs as part of their family. Feedback from our 2020-2021 Open Space surveys tells us that dog walking is the third most popular use of Woollahra’s parks, beaches and reserves (behind walking and swimming) and in the last few years there has been significant growth in dog ownership and exercise needs across our LGA, mirroring national trends.

In formalised off-leash areas dogs can socialise and exert energy, while enabling dog owners to meet and connect with the broader community. However, feedback from our surveys also included concern about dog safety and management. Balancing the needs of dog owners and the general community is a growing priority for Council.

We want to ensure our open spaces meet the current needs of our community whilst remaining accessible. That’s why we are seeking your feedback on our new LGA-Wide Review of Dog Controls, to guide future provisions for dogs and their carers.

This review proposes changes to existing dog controls across a range of our parks, reserves and beaches to reflect the current needs of the community.

When will these changes go into effect and how will Council manage them?

The rollout of dog control changes is a long-term scheme - they will not take effect immediately. Any changes to parks, beaches and reserves will be implemented over the coming years when the required budget and resources become available.

Council will investigate dog infrastructure such as increased litter bins, waste bags, fencing, and pet-friendly drinking fountains on a case-by-case basis, while regulatory signage will need to be updated at any affected locations.

Have your say

We invite you to comment on the draft review via the short form below before Friday 16 June 2023.

Your feedback will be used to determine changes to dog controls across these parks, which we will share here later this year.