DCP Amendment

At its meeting of 11 June 2024, Council resolved to exhibit amendments to the Woollahra Development Control Plan 2015 (Woollahra DCP 2015) to include enhanced excavation provisions with the aim of reducing excavation in development.

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Public exhibition

Draft amendment to Woollahra Development Control Plan 2015 (Amendment 31), which seeks to introduce controls to reduce excavation in development applications, is on exhibition from 26 June 2024 to 23 July 2024.

The amendments to the Woollahra DCP 2015 aim to:

  • limit design elements (basement level vehicular turning areas and mechanical vehicular turntables) for dwelling houses, and
  • in certain circumstances permit mechanical parking structures to minimise excavation.

At the Environmental Planning Committee meeting of the 7 August 2023, the committee resolved:

THAT staff report to the Environmental Planning Committee on:

  • the application and effectiveness of current excavation controls, limiting excavation to methods with lower impact (contiguous piling) and consider options available to Council for charging for excavated materials; and
  • recommendations for amending controls to mitigate impacts of increasingly large DA proposals to remove rock/soil/sand and other excavation material.

The draft amendment seeks to amend Section B3.4 (Excavation) of Chapter B3 (General Development Controls) and Section E1.15 (Mechanical parking installations and paid parking stations) of Chapter E1 (Parking and Access) of the Woollahra DCP 2015, to include enhanced excavation provisions with the aim of reducing excavation in development applications.

Have your say

You're invited to share your feedback on the proposed amendment. To have your say, please make a submission using the online submission form below. Alternatively, you can email or write to us and quote SC8024.

A hard copy of the exhibition material is available at the Woollahra Council Customer Service area, 536 New South Head Road, Double Bay – 8.00am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

All submissions received during the exhibition period will be considered by Council.

Submissions close at 11.59pm, Tuesday 23 July 2024.

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