What is a Development Control Plan (DCP)?

    A DCP contains detailed planning and building design guidelines for new development and for alterations and additions to existing development. It is a document prepared by Council to guide people when they propose to carry out development. It is also used by Council when assessing and determining development applications.

    The DCP that applies to the Woollahra Municipality is Woollahra Development Control Plan 2015.

    An overarching objective of the DCP is to give effect to the aims of the Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014 and facilitate development with reference to the unique characteristics of the area where development is proposed.

    What is on exhibition?

    Draft Development Control Plan Amendment 11 to the Woollahra Development Control Plan 2015 is on exhibition. 

    The amendment proposes planning objectives and controls that will support and promote arts, artists and cultural development within the local community, by:
    • establishing requirements for public art in significant or large-scale developments in the Edgecliff, Double Bay and Rose Bay centres, and

    • requiring public art that is designed and installed so that the aesthetics and amenity of the art benefit the building occupants and also the public.

    To help the community understand how the new planning controls will operate, we are also exhibiting the Draft Woollahra Public Art Guidelines for Developers. These draft guidelines provide advice for developers on the process for incorporating high quality public art in major developments.

    Where does this draft amendment apply?

    The draft amendment applies to any new development with a capital improvement value of $15 million or more in the Edgecliff, Double Bay and Rose Bay business centres. 

    What is Capital Improvement Value (CIV)

    The Capital Improvement Value (also referred to as Capital Investment Value) is the estimated total cost of the proposed development, including professional fees and construction costs.

    Where will the Woollahra Public Art Guidelines for Developers be published if they are approved?

    Once approved, the Woollahra Public Art Guidelines for developers will be integrated into the Woollahra Development Application (DA) Guide. This is published on Council's website.

    Does Woollahra Council have a public art policy?

    Yes. The Woollahra Public Art Policy was adopted on 12 October 2009.

    What public art is there already in the Woollahra LGA?