What is a Development Control Plan (DCP)?

    A DCP contains detailed planning and building design guidelines for new development and for alterations and additions to existing development. it is a document prepared by Council to guide people when they propose to carry out development. It is also used by Council when assessing and determining development applications.

    The DCP that applies to the Woollahra Municipality is Woollahra Development Control Plan 2015.

    An overarching objective of the DCP is to give effect to the aims of the Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014 and facilitate development with reference to the unique chracteristics of the area where development is proposed.

    What is on exhibition?

    Draft Development Control Plan Amendment 9 to the Woollahra Development Control Plan 2015 is on exhibition. 

    The amendment proposes development control changes that will make it easier to install electric vehicle charging points and give the community better access to them, by:
    • updating electric vehicle circuitry controls to reflect evolving industry and policy development

    • updating electric vehicle circuitry controls to facilitate best practice in electric vehicle planning policy

    • adopting best practice approach to make new buildings electric vehicle ready and avoid costly retrofitting.

    Who does this draft amendment affect?

    The draft amendment affects all new residential and non-residential development in the Woollahra Municipality.

    What is an electric vehicle?

    Electric vehicles (EVs) are vehicles with a battery that requires electrical charging by plugging into a power supply as the main fuel source.

    There are a variety of EVs on the Australian market. These can be divided into EVs that are fully electric and those that are partly electric (powered by electricity and another energy source such as petrol). 

    What is an electric vehicle charging point?

    An electric vehicle charging point (EV charger) is needed to charge an electric vehicle battery. It includes either a charging unit or plugging into a standard power point. 

    The charging times vary between different EV charger models, subject to the electric vehicle model, plug type, equipment for EV chargers and power supply.

    How does this draft amendment relate to NSW Government transport?

    The draft amendment supports the State Government's Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Plan, Future Transport 2056 (the Plan) focus on future mobility and technology innovations to modernise transport for communities. It leverages industry terminology and standards used in the Plan.