How long have fitness stations been part of Christison Park?

    • The first fitness equipment stations were installed in the Park in 1991 with an additional station installed in 2012. 

    What type of fitness stations are available in Christison Park?

    • Four fitness stations are comprised of 'static' (or fixed) pieces of exercise equipment, which form part of a fitness trail. Each station has an information board with illustrations and training advice on how to use each piece of exercise equipment.
    • One fitness station is comprised of 'dynamic' (or moving parts) pieces of exercise equipment designed to increase resistance through a range of movement. The station has an information board on how to use each piece of exercise equipment. 

    Are there other personal fitness stations in Woollahra parks?

    • Rushcutters Bay Park has one large fitness station comprised of static exercise equipment with information boards to assist training programs. The station was upgraded in 2016 with the new equipment installed as 'like for like' following community feedback.
    • Yarranabbe Park has one small fitness station comprised of a static exercise equipment with an  information board to assist training programs.

    Where is Christison Park?

    Christison Park is located on Old South Head Road, Vaucluse adjacent to Macquarie Lighthouse. It forms part of the Bi-Centennial Coastal Cliff Walk extending on from the nearby Gap Park at Watsons Bay.

    Who owns Christison Park?

    Christison Park is Crown land reserve, owned by the NSW Government and managed by Council as the Crown land manager.

    Is there a Plan of Management for Christison Park?

    Yes. The current Plan of Management for Christison Park was adopted by Council in 1996. 

    Under the Crown Land Management Act 2016 and the Local Government Act 1993 Council is required to prepare a revised plan of management for Christison Park.

    Will any trees be impacted/planted?

    This project only concerns the replacement of the dynamic fitness equipment and the soft fall footprint. No trees will be impacted and no additional trees will be planted.