08 August → 05 September 2019

Tramway Path Concept Design exhibition open

The Tramway Path concept design is exhibited for community comment

September 2019 → February 2020

Detailed planning and design

27 April 2020

Report to Finance, Community and Services Committee

Committee approved to progress with the project,  following a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) and taking on recommendations from the REF plus those from the Due Diligence Aboriginal Heritage Assessment in the final design.

April → May 2020

Review of Environmental Factors

A Review of Environmental Factors will take place and help inform the final design of pathway

18 May 2020

Final Design of Pathway

Taking in recommendations from the REF and Due Diligence Aboriginal Heritage Assessment. In addition, surface materials changing from asphalt in response to community feedback. 

May 2021

Start construction of Pathway