What is on exhibition?

    The Draft Creative Hoardings Policy is on exhibition. 

    The Draft Policy has been prepared in response to matters raised in a report dated 18 February 2019 and is based on the City of Sydney’s Hoardings and Scaffolding Policy and Guidelines.  The Draft Policy was refined in consultation with the Cultural Committee.

    The draft policy sets out Council’s requirements for creative hoardings and will only apply to certain applications.

    Draft Policy objectives include:

    • To contribute to the visual amenity of the public domain and streetscape during the construction phase of development
    • To help support and promote arts and artists
    • To promote cultural development and placemaking within the local community
    • To contribute to defining a vibrant brand of a retail area such as the Double Bay or Rose Bay centres
    • To discourage bill posters and graffiti at construction sites.

    What development will be affected by the Draft Creative Hoardings Policy?

    An application for a Type A or Type B hoarding proposed to be erected on public land which meets the following criteria will require a creative hoarding:

    A.  Hoardings proposed on land zoned B2 Local Centre, or B4 Mixed Use, or SP2 Infrastructure under Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014 AND erected for 8 weeks or more


    B.  Hoardings proposed on land located along a State classified road (regardless of the zone) AND erected for 8 weeks or more  


    C.  Hoardings proposed in any other location than that referred to in A. and B. above AND erected for 12 weeks or more, except where:

    i.  the capital improvement value of the work to which the hoarding relates is less than $1 million


    ii.  the land is zoned for residential purposes (R2 Low Density Residential or R3 Medium Density Residential) and the hoarding is to be located in a laneway or street that does not have through traffic (eg a cul-de-sac or no through road).

    What is a hoarding? What are the different types of hoardings?

    In broad terms a hoarding is a temporary fencing system that uses solid self-supporting panels to enclose a building site during construction to keep the site secure and the public safe from activities occurring within the site.

    What is a creative hoarding?

    The primary purpose of hoardings is to prevent unauthorised entry to a building site and to keep the public safe from activities occurring within the site. Hoardings can also serve as a canvas to display creative artwork and transform a construction site from something unattractive to something that sparks curiosity and interest.