Lyne Park Playground is getting an upgrade!


We're turning this regional play space into a high quality, inclusive destination for all.

Lyne Park Playground in Rose Bay is one of our most loved children’s play spaces for both local residents and visitors, given its prominent position on Sydney Harbour and proximity to nearby recreational and social activities.

We are now making it even better, by transforming play equipment, providing new opportunities for creative nature play and increasing the playground's footprint to provide inclusive, imaginative and flexible play and recreational experiences for all age groups and abilities.

Works began mid-January 2024.

The upgrade includes:

• Double flying fox

• Four bay swing with seven types of swings suitable for a variety of ages and abilities

• Sensory walkway

• Water play zone

• Nature play area for older children and inter-generational recreational experiences

• An imaginative climbing and sliding boat plane – a playful nod to the site’s history as the former Rose Bay International Airport.

We are grateful for the strong interest and participation we received from the community during consultation and your feedback has helped shape these improvements.

Weather permitting, playground upgrade works are scheduled to be completed late June 2024.

View the plans for the new playground:

Lyne Park Playground - Stage A

Lyne Park Playground - Stage B


Back in March 2022 we asked the community what they wanted to see in the renewed playground. We received 227 survey responses on Your Say Woollahra and spoke to many families during pop-ups in Lyne Park. We heard overwhelming support for the playground's proposed upgrade and expansion, and clear priorities for new inclusive play features and accessible infrastructure.

The draft concept plan prepared in response to community feedback was placed on public exhibition from 22 September – 28 October 2022.

After conclusion of the Lyne Park Playground Renewal Concept Plan public exhibition period in late October 2022, submissions were reviewed and consideration of feedback was undertaken.

On 5 December 2022, the outcomes of the public exhibition were presented to Council’s Finance, Community & Services Committee for consideration for approval.

On 12 December 2022, the full Council approved the concept plan (subject to amendments) as follows:


A. THAT Council endorse the concept plan exhibited for the Lyne Park Playground Renewal and the project progress to construction, subject to the following amendments:

i. Investigate the feasibility of relocating the existing climbing pyramid to an alternative suitable location within Lyne Park or another nearby location.

ii. The proposed footprint location of the future amenities building, be moved approximately two (2) metres in a south-westerly direction to be wholly contained within the proposed playground fencing re-alignment. Until future funding becomes available for the future amenities, the footprint of this facility will be utilised as ancillary picnic shelter with tables and benches to service playground users and their carers.

iii. The proposed accessible eastern pathway to provide equal access to the playground and future amenities building be given further consideration at a future time when funding becomes available for the construction of the accessible amenities building.

iv. The proposed managed mini-bus drop off for disabled groups be relocated to the western main entry to the playground and accessed from the Rose Bay Wharf parking area access road.

v. Interpret and celebrate the Aboriginal and Cultural heritage into the final elements of the design including but not limited to plantings, carvings, small garden sculptures and interpretative signage.

B. THAT the feasibility and preliminary design of the proposed amenities (including utilities provision) be further investigated and costed to enable the seeking of alternate external funding sources.

C. THAT the resolution of FC&S Committee meeting be presented to the Council meeting of 12 December 2022 due to time pressure to comply with grant funding and NSW Government reporting requirements.

D. THAT Council requested that staff continue to discuss with the Woollahra Sailing Club other alternate sites for boat storage and/or rigging.

E. THAT Council notes the funding grant is dependent on inclusiveness for disability access and the inclusive advisory committee were presented the current designs for which they were supportive.

F. THAT staff continue to investigate funding of the disabled toilet and associated footpath.

G. THAT staff:

  • confirm the terms of the licence and/or development consent concerning the use by the club of the “rigging area”.
  • investigate compliance or otherwise with the licence and/or development consent.
Sketch of aeroplane-theme play equipment

Artist impression of aeroplane-themed play equipment which will be part of the Lyne Park playground renewal. Copyright 2022 Kompton A/S, all rights reserved.

Current status and next steps

We have since been investigating and implementing the required amendments from Council’s resolutions above, including detailed design development and preparation of project tender documentation.

In mid-late 2023, expression of interest and tender processes were undertaken for the head contract works and for the playground’s feature custom flying boat play element. Concurrently additional grant funding was secured from the Commonwealth government to complement grant funds already awarded by the state government.

A Head Contractor has now been appointed and playground upgrade construction works are scheduled to commence in mid-late January 2024. The procurement of new playground equipment items is also well underway. The existing playground will need to be decommissioned and unavailable to the public.

Weather permitting, playground upgrade works are scheduled to be completed in late June 2024.Council apologises in advance for any disruption or inconvenience which may arise during the playground upgrade works.

For current playground users, the closest alternative playground facilities are Rose Bay Park (behind Rose Bay Police Station), Samuel Park Vaucluse, Bellevue Park and Thornton Reserve Bellevue Hill. Playground users who are able to travel further may also wish to experience Council’s latest playground renewal projects at Plumb Reserve at Fletcher Street Woollahra, and Dillon Street Reserve/Gugara Park Paddington.


Council has secured external funding from State and Commonwealth Government programs totalling $894,000 for this project.

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Lyne Park Playground Renewal - Concept Plan Survey

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

Lyne Park Playground Renewal - Survey

Tell us how important each of the following supportive features are to you in the upgraded Lyne Park Playground Required
Essential - I would not come if this wasn't provided
Appealing - It would attract me to visit
Neutral - It makes no difference to me
This doesn't appeal to me
Accessible toilets
Baby change room
Water bubblers
Picnic tables
Shade structure
Shelter from wind and rain
BBQ facilities
Garbage bins
Walking trails
Bike tracks
Bike racks
Accessible parking
Bus/coach parking
Perimeter fencing
Play activities for children and young people.Here is a range of things that children and young people may enjoy in the Lyne Park playground. We would like to know how much each option appeals to you. Your feedback will help inform our concept plans for t Required
This appeals to me - it would attract me to visit
Neutral - it makes no difference whether this is included or excluded
This doesn't appeal to me
Somewhat disagree
Definitely disagree
Playing with sand
Playing with water
Flying through the air e.g. flying fox
Jumping e.g. trampoline
Hanging off bars e.g. monkey bars
Musical play activities
Exercise equipment
Riding e.g. on bike, trike, scooter track
Learning about nature
Learning about sustainability
Imaginative play
Games, e.g. tip, hide & seek
Defined area for under 6-year-olds
Defined area for under 6-12 year-olds
Defined area for teenagers/young people
Other (please specify)
Would you like to see nature and water play elements included (e.g. stone boulders, timber logs and water play features)? Required
Would you like to see the flying fox facility increase to two zip lines instead of one? Required
Would you support an increased playground area to include the long grassed mound (to the south of the playground entry gate, as a looped bicycle/scooter learning trail for children?) Required
The playground may have an overall theme - Which theme appeals most to you? Required

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.