What is the Draft Naming Policy?

    The Draft Naming Policy sets out naming principles and provides guidelines for determining a suitable name to assist Council when we are considering a naming proposal.

    Why does Council need a Draft Naming Policy?

    Names are important. They aren't only a navigation and reference tool, they are part of our community's identity. 

    The Naming Policy will ensure Council meets our legislative obligations and are consistent in our approach to determining a name.

    What is the legislative framework?

    Naming is governed by three Acts: 

    The Geographical Names Board is responsible for naming places, while Council is responsible for naming a wide range of things including roads, parks and buildings within its local government area.

    What are the objectives of the Draft Naming Policy?

    The objectives of the Draft Naming Policy are to ensure that Council: 

    • meets our legislative requirements
    • provides consistency in approach and clarity about naming opportunities.

    How can I comment on the Draft Naming Policy?

    There are two ways you can comment on Council's Draft Naming Policy, online and by post.

    To make a submission online, use our Submission Form to: 

    1. type your submission directly into Your Say Woollahra
    2. upload a Word or PDF document. 

    Written submissions should be addressed to:

    Woollahra Municipal Council
    General Manager
    PO Box 61, DOUBLE BAY NSW  1360
    Or via email records@woollahra.nsw.gov.au

    You can view the Draft Naming Policy at Council's Customer Service Centre, Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 4pm. 

    The public exhibition period is from 1 July to 28 July 2019.