Where are the multi-purpose courts going to be located within Christison Park?

    The multi-purpose courts are replacing the existing single basketball court in the north east section of Christison Park. 

    In order to fit the courts and have minimal impact on sports fields, the coastal pathway will be moved closer to the coast line, and a small retaining wall included.  

    Why build multi-purpose courts at Christison Park?

    As the population in Woollahra is increasing, the existing facilities are subject to additional pressures and resident feedback is that there is a lack of multi use sports grounds in Woollahra. There are currently no netball facilities across the whole Council. 

    A notice of motion was adopted in late 2017 requested review into opportunities to provide additional multi-purpose hard court facilities. This project is an outcome of the investigations that followed.

    Why build netball courts?

    According to the Australian Sports Commission’s AusPlay participation data, released in December 2016 (http://www.ausport.gov.au/information/ausplay), netball is the highest team participation sport for women and girls in Australia.  Men and boys also enjoy netball and there is a large participation rate amongst the 8 – 20 year old population group.  Further, local primary schools in the area are unable to provide courts for practice due to their increased student numbers and the community is therefore reliant on outdoor communal facilities.

    Can netball competitions be played at the courts?

    No. Due to space restritions, there is not adequate run off to allow competition play. The courts can be used by schools and clubs for training and game practice.

    Will there be lighting?

    Low Level floodlighting is included to allow extended play in winter months, as per the report to Finance, Commuity and Service Committee on 7 May 2018. Lighting will be within obtrusive standard, with light spill controlled through 10 m poles. Lighting will be LED for energy efficiency.

    Lights will be controlled around user demand, and not left on unless the courts are being used.

    Who is expected to use the courts?

    The new multi-purpose courts will cater for the existing users of the casual single basketball court. In addition, two courts will make the facility usable for school groups and sporting clubs to hold practice and training on. Currently, there are no public outdoor netball courts within the local government area, and these groups need to look for facilities further afield to meet their needs.