Parklet program to continue

On 26 June 2023, Council resolved to formalise the parklet program and that parklets are subject to the adopted fees and charges. Council also endorsed the Parklet Program Policy and Guidelines, which will be reviewed in 2025.

For more information, read the Council meeting agenda, late correspondence and minutes.

Applications for parklets can be submitted via the Council website.

What we heard

From 1 February - 1 May 2023 we collected feedback on the parklet trial program. All submissions made were taken into consideration when preparing the report to Council. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the parklet survey and share their feedback.

We received 608 submissions via the online feedback form and a summary of the feedback and key themes is provided in the table below. The survey questions were not compulsory so some questions received a higher response rate than others and this has also been noted in the table below.
ResponseRespondents in support /
Total respondents for the question
Percentage of respondents
More likely to dine at a business that provides outdoor seating468 / 55184.94%
Support the parklet468 / 55184.94%
Have a positive view of the parklet’s impact on the streetscape471 / 55085.65%
Supportive of the continuation of the parklet program beyond June 2023472 / 54886.13%

Key themes in support of the parklet program:

  • Better use of space. Increased options for alfresco dining. Provides comfort and convenience for people to stop by at their local café.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and adds vibrancy to the area. Creates a European culture. Creates a village atmosphere.
  • Engages the community. Brings people together post COVID. More interactive.
  • Promotes traffic calming.
  • Encourages active lifestyles through walking.
  • Promotes healthier lifestyle – people getting to enjoy fresh air and sunlight.
  • The use of space takes priority away from cars and more onto people.

About our 18-month parklet trial

Parklets are kerbside parking spaces that have been repurposed into public space ‘pockets’ to provide additional seating. In response to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, parklet programs were introduced across Sydney to increase the amount of outdoor dining available.

Given COVID-19 restrictions were no longer in place, we trialled the use of parklets to activate the public domain and support small businesses in the Woollahra Local Government Area. The design and locations of these parklets is managed under the Parklet Trial Program Guidelines, which exclude parklets from residential areas and requires them to be manufactured out of high quality materials.

The trial period ran for 18 months, from late 2021 to mid 2023, and was subject to a limitation of 20 parklet approvals. 6 parklets were installed during the trial and all applicable parklet application fees and charges were waived during the trial period.

To help us understand the community's response to the parklet program, we collected feedback on the trial from 1 February - 1 May 2023. Feedback was collected via the online survey below and taken to a meeting of Council in mid-2023.