What is a playspace?

    Our playgrounds are evolving into spaces that the wider community can enjoy -- what we call playspaces. This term helps us look beyond traditional dedicated play equipment to places where people meet and spend time. It considers aspects like seating, open space and shade. 

    Why is Council writing a Playspace Strategy?

    The strategy will give Council a focused approach to planning play spaces across Woollahra in order to improve quality and provision. It will help us determine, for example, whether we need to upgrade existing play spaces or provide new play spaces. 

    What will the Playspace Strategy do?

    The Playspace Strategy will guide Council's management and development of playgrounds in Woollahra for the next 10 years. We will consider things like how many people and which age groups use our playspaces, an where our playspaces are located (mapping). It will also take into consideration the community's expectations and needs. 

    Will Council build a new playground in my area?

    As part of this process, Council will review the locations of our playspaces. We will then determine whether some areas of the municipality will benefit from additional play spaces. 

    Is Council going to increase car parking at my local playground?

    The strategy will look at all playspace amenities including accessibility, public toilets and car parking. Although we will not be looking to increase the number of available car parking spaces through this strategy, we will be reviewing which spaces have capacity to grow because they already provide adequate car parking facilities. 

    How can I have my say?

    To have your say, first register on Your Say Woollahra. You only have to register once, then you can take part in any Your Say Woollahra consultation. To share your views on the Playspace Strategy, please take our survey, attend one of our drop-in sessions, and share your playspace story.

    What happens to the comments I make?

    We will use your comments to help ensure Council's Playspace Strategy reflects what you, our community, wants for the future.

    Comments received at each stage of consultation will deepen our understanding of how to make sure our community facilities and buildings provision meets your needs and aspirations. 

    Feedback will inform the strategy, which will go before Council in July 2019.

    What happens after the consultation period ends?

    The consultation period ends 12 March 2019. Council will then review all feedback and write a draft strategy. 

    We will prepare a draft strategy, which will go out to public exhibition for 14 days in June. 

    The final Playspace Strategy will go to Council with a recommendation for adoption in July 2019.