Check out the improvements we've made along Plumer Road!

The streetscape and parking improvements at Plumer Road were completed in September 2023, check out some of the photographs of the new and improved commercial precinct below. Click on an image to view in full screen.

Greater amenity and more parking in the Rose Bay Centre

In 2020, Woollahra Council proposed an upgrade to the Plumer Road Commercial Precinct that would improve amenity and increase parking for local businesses and the community. We would like to thank the community for their feedback on the proposed concept design.

Drawing on this feedback, Council decided to take the opportunity to further improve the streetscape by increasing footpath width, adding enhanced landscaping to create a sense of place and creating potential for outdoor dining. In addition, we listened to feedback requesting pedestrian crossings and have included two in the new design.

The new design was exhibited in December 2021. Community feedback was then used to create the final design, which includes:

  • Change from parallel-to-kerb parking to 90 degree angle parking on the northern side of Plumer Road (ten 90-degree angle parking spaces);
  • Six parallel parking spaces on the southern side of Plumer Road to accommodate wider footpath and enhanced landscaping with potential for outdoor dining;
  • Increased parking spaces on O’Sullivan Road (two parallel parking spaces gained);
  • Replacing the existing concrete footpath and paved banding with modern granite pavers;
  • Upgraded kerb/pram ramps for improved pedestrian accessibility;
  • Increase in bicycle hoops;
  • Improved stormwater drainage;
  • Enhanced landscaping, including planting, low walls, planter boxes and benches;
  • Reconstruction of the driveway laybacks adjacent to the electrical substation and shops; and
  • Construction of two new pedestrian crossings: A raised pedestrian crossing on Plumer Road and a raised pedestrian crossing at O’Sullivan Road.

Work on the upgrade is scheduled to commence in February 2023. We'll update this page with construction information and updates prior to commencement.


Project timeline

  • Timeline item 1 - complete


    This consultation is open for contributions.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Under Review

    Contributions to this consultation are closed for evaluation and review.

    A report, together with the community's comments and this proposal, will be considered by the Woollahra Local Traffic Committee (WLTC) at its meeting on Tuesday, 1 February 2022. The WLTC’s recommendation will then be presented to the following Finance, Community and Services Committee for Council’s determination.

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Final report

    Thank you for providing your feedback on the proposed design plans to upgrade streetscape amenity and improve parking opportunities on Plumer Road, Rose Bay.

    The Traffic & Transport team have reviewed all submissions received, and have resolved to proceed with the design. A report, together with the community’s comments, and the design plan, will be considered at Council’s Local Traffic Committee (LTC) meeting on Tuesday, 1 February 2022 where the Committee’s recommendation will then be presented to the following Finance, Community and Services Committee (FC&S) meeting for Council’s determination.

    The LTC meeting agenda is available to view on Council’s website.