What is a Plan of Management?

    A Plan of Management is a document that provides a framework for managing a land resource.

    It identifies land management issues, sets out objectives and performance targets, describes the means by which Council proposes to achieve these objectives and performance targets and the manner in which Council proposes to assess its performance with respect to the plan’s objectives and performance targets. 

    It differs from a Masterplan which is a design concept plan that lays out site conditions and features, identifies site opportunities and constraints and proposes site improvements.

    Please see Council's website for the current Plans of Management.

    Where is Bellevue Hill Park?

    Location Map:


    Bellevue Hill Park covers an area of 1.4 hectares on the corner of Birriga Road and Bellevue Hill Road, Bellevue Hill, NSW, 2023. It is adjacent to Bellevue Hill Public School. Bellevue Hill Park is one of the highest points in Woollahra and provides spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, South Head and Bondi Beach. Access is via stairs up from Birriga Road or a graded concrete footpath from Bellevue Park Road. Bellevue Hill Park is a steep grassed hill, incorporating a recently refurbished playground that is regularly used by the neighbouring school. There are several seats at the crown of the hill, rubbish bins and many significant mature trees providing shade. The following extract is taken from Councils Register of Significant Trees regarding some of the plantings in Bellevue Hill Park:


    Bellevue Hill Park… contains an outstanding collection of Figs and Norfolk Island Pines…The Fig plantings, a mixture of Ficus macrophylla (Moreton Bay Fig) and Ficus rubiginosa (Port Jackson Fig), form a major grove of trees in the park…The Figs and Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pines) are of great cultural and visual significance to this historic location…”

    Where is Camp Cove Park?

    Location Map:


    Camp Cove Park is a small (approximately 2,260m²), private, quiet, shady, level green open space located on Cove Street, Watsons Bay, NSW, 2030. Level pedestrian access is from both Cove Street and Camp Street. Camp Cove Park has seating and rubbish bins, is grassed and has boundary tree and shrub plantings including 2 significant mature 100+ year old Ficus macrophylla (Moreton Bay Fig). These trees are on Councils Register of Significant Trees, as shown below:


    These two magnificent specimens totally dominate this small park which occupies the site of an original lagoon and marshland. These trees have dramatic scale and horizontally spreading forms with massive buttressed roots extending over a large area under the canopies. Both Figs, one in particular, have developed large low lateral branches of distinctive form, similar to the specimen Fig in front of "Fisherman's Lodge", Robertson Park, but on a much grander scale. Furthermore, these Figs are significant in being an integral component of the early cultural planting of this area. Of further interest, one of the branches of the larger specimen Fig has grown over the old swing and coalesced around the timber frame as a physical support.”   

    Where is Forsyth Park?

    Location Map:


    Forsyth Park is a small (960m ²) park located at the corner of Bayview Hill Road and New South Head Road, Vaucluse, NSW, 2030, adjacent to Rose Bay Convent. The park consists of an observation area along New South Head Road incorporating seating and a lookout plaque. The site slopes steeply downhill from New South Head Road, running parallel to Bayview Hill Road. The Bayview Hill Road frontage is open to pedestrians.

    The park is used predominantly by tourists to experience the unique view of Sydney Harbour from this vantage point along New South Head Road.

    Where is Johnston Lookout?

    Location Map:


    Johnston Lookout is a small (2,440 m ²), steep, exposed, elevated site, located at the intersection of New South Head Road and Hopetoun Avenue, Vaucluse, NSW, 2030. Sandstone rockeries form retaining walls and garden beds that are densely planted with shrubs, ground covers and a few open canopied trees. This reserve is named for William Johnston, Mayor for Vaucluse during the periods 1903-1906 and 1911-1912. Johnston was known as a campaigner for local improvements. There is a panoramic vista of Sydney Harbour from along New South Head Road at this location. Seating and rubbish bins are provided.

    Where is Rose Bay Park?

    Location Map:


    Rose Bay Park covers 8,800 m² of foreshore land, located on the corner of New South Head Road and Wunulla Road, Rose Bay, NSW, 2029. It is adjacent to Rose Bay Police Station and between Point Piper Marina and Rose Bay Marina. There is a sandy beach, a shaded picnic area, a playground, dinghy storage, seating and rubbish bins in the park. A bitumen driveway on New South Head Road provides vehicular access for service vehicles. Pedestrians access the park via timber stairs down from Wunulla Road, the driveway, stairs or ramp down from New South Head Road or from along the foreshore. Significant mature trees on this site have been identified in Councils Register of Significant Trees, as described below:


    Rose Bay Park and the grounds surrounding Rose Bay Police Station… contain remnant plantings of great historic significance. The park and the streetscape… are dominated by Ficus macrophylla (Moreton Bay Figs). These outstanding Figs totally dominate the visual character of this location…” the Figs on the lower embankments and flat area adjacent to the foreshores, are significant as a dense massing, forming a very important green-belt in this location.”

    Where is Samuel Park?

    Location Map:


    Samuel Park is a secluded open space of approximately 5,000m2 located at 80-82 New South Head Road, Vaucluse, NSW, 2030. It is adjacent to the Vaucluse Bowling Club and can be accessed by pedestrians via a level concrete footpath from New South Head Road and by stairs up from between 25 and 29 Hopetoun Avenue. Both entrances are flanked by sandstone columns bearing the name of the park. There is a playground that is semi-shaded by mature trees, seating and a rubbish bin. The elevated, west facing aspect of the site allows for views of the Harbour and city. This park was reserved for public recreation in 1931 and named for Mayor, Alderman Alfred Charles Samuel for his untiring efforts in the welfare of the Municipality.

    What is Crown Land?

    Crown land is land that is owned by the NSW Government.

    It has been reserved from private sale and includes lands retained for public recreation and environmental purposes.

    Why are we preparing these Plans of Management for Crown land?

    It is important to have a Plan of Management for public land. The documents help ensure Council is successful in managing the parks to the expectation of the community. 

    This current project "Draft Plans of Management for Crown Lands" involves updating a number of Plans of Management for our parks. The large number of Plans of Management currently up for review is due to changes in the Crown Land Management Act 2016.

    As the land manager for over 20 Crown land reserves, Council is required to prepare a Plan of Management for each reserve by July 2021. 

    For further details on the Plans of Management for Crown Lands, please see  https://yoursay.woollahra.nsw.gov.au/pom

    How will the community be able to participate?

    There will be two stages of community engagement for each Plan of Management.

    The first stage is a survey where the community will be asked to provide their feedback on the reserves.

    This information will be used to create a draft document which will be put on public exhibition for community and Council endorsement.