The Department of Planning and Environment (DPE/Crown Lands) endorsed Woollahra's Plans of Management (POMs) for Crown Land reserves on 15 December 2023.

What happens next?

Council will commence the implementation of the plans. To view Council's framework for Woollahra's Crown Land reserves, please refer to the endorsed POMs published on this page and Council's Plans, Policies and Reports and Open Space and Recreation Strategies webpages.

About the draft Plans of Management for Crown Land reserves

Woollahra’s parks and open spaces play an important role in the community’s wellbeing by providing places to stay active, connect with nature, and meet with family and friends.

Woollahra Council oversees 21 Crown Land reserves (public lands) as Crown Land Manager on behalf of the land owner, the NSW Government, including many of our community's most valued parks, sportsgrounds, areas of cultural significance and natural areas. Management includes providing, maintaining and managing use of sportsgrounds, parks, war memorials, fitness equipment, playgrounds, lawns, garden beds, park furniture etc.

Crown Land reserves managed by Woollahra Council are:

As part of the amended Crown Land Management Act 2016, all Councils must prepare a Plan of Management (PoM) for these reserves. A plan of management is a document that sets out a framework for managing public land and it is written in consultation with the community, guiding and informing the current and future use, management and improvements of public spaces.

Between November 2019 and August 2020 we asked the community how they use these spaces, what they value about them and how their experiences there could be improved. 480 people made submissions, 384 individuals engaged with us through Your Say. This resulted in 1469 survey responses, an average of over 3 site surveys completed per individual through Your Say. An additional 96 surveys and/or submissions were received through records, giving a total of 1565 unique responses to the survey.

Your local knowledge has been critical in helping us write these Draft plans which are now ready for your feedback.

In summary, the Draft Plans of Management identify that Woollahra’s Crown Land Reserves must:

  • be safe, clean, well-maintained, functional, and varied
  • be accessible and inclusive
  • be well-managed for public use
  • conserve the natural environment
  • maintain high aesthetic and landscape quality
  • conserve and heighten local heritage and culture
  • provide recreational opportunities
  • deliver social and community opportunities

The draft Plans of Management are split into 5 documents:

  • draft Generic Plan of Management (comprising of 17 parks including Bellevue Park, Camp Cove Reserve, Christison Park, Double Bay Beach, Forsyth Park, Lighthouse Reserve, Lyne Park (including Tingira Memorial Park), McKell Park, Parsley Bay Reserve, Robertson Park, Rose Bay Park, Rushcutters Bay Park, Samuel Park, Signal Hill Reserve, Sir David Martin (including Plantation Reserve), Steyne Park, Tea Gardens and Yarranabbe Park)
  • The Gap (including the Gunyah) draft Plan of Management
  • Parsley Bay Reserve draft Plan of Management
  • Rose Bay War Memorial draft Plan of Management
  • Trumper Park draft Plan of Management

The four site-specific Plans of Management above are required to be stand alone PoMs under legislation for reserves comprising areas of threatened species or areas of cultural significance.

Have we got it right?

We would now like to know if we have gotten it right - we encourage you to read the Draft plans and tell us if there's anything that we have missed via the short form below before Monday 3 April 2023.

We have also created a video presentation summarising the new Draft Plan of Management, Recreation Strategy and Playspace Strategy, which you can view here.

Read our adopted Plans of Management

The draft Generic Plan of Management encompasses the following 17 Crown Land reserves:

  • Bellevue Park
  • Camp Cove Reserve
  • Christison Park
  • Double Bay Beach
  • Forsyth Park
  • Lighthouse Reserve
  • Lyne Park (including Tingira Memorial Park)
  • McKell Park
  • Robertson Park
  • Rose Bay Park
  • Ruschutters Bay Park
  • Samuel Park
  • Signal Hill Reserve
  • Sir David Martin Reserve (including Plantation Reserve)
  • Steyne Park (including The Steyne and Steyne Park Foreshore)
  • Tea Gardens
  • Yarranabbe Park

The Generic Plan of Management can be found here.

Gap Park comprises of critical habitat, warranting a Specific Plan of Management.

Access to the document can be found here.

Parsley Bay Reserve is categorised as Natural Area - Foreshore and Natural Area - Bushland. This requires a Specific Plan of Management for the area.

Access to the Plan of Management for Parsley Bay can be found here.

A Specific Plan of Management has been drafted for Rose Bay War Memorial as the site is categorised as 'Area of Cultural Significance'.

The document can be found here.

Trumper Park comprises of habitat of endangered or threatened species for which there is a recovery plan. This requires a Specific Plan of Management.

Access to the document can be found here.

Come talk to us

Attend a pop-up session to find out more about the strategies and speak to us about your ideas.

  • Wednesday March 1, 4.30pm to 6pm at Christison Park (adjacent the multi-sports courts and fitness equipment in the North East Corner).
  • Thursday March 2, 4.30pm to 6pm at Lyne Park (adjacent the playground).
  • Saturday March 4, 9.30am to 11am at Lyne Park (adjacent the playground).
  • Wednesday March 8, 4.30pm to 6pm at Trumper Park (at the Glenmore Rd and Hampden St intersection of Trumper Oval).
  • Thursday March 9, 7.30am to 9am at Christison Park (adjacent the multi-sports courts and fitness equipment in the North East Corner).
  • Thursday March 9, 4.30pm to 6pm at Rushcutters Bay Park (opposite the playground).
  • Saturday March 11, 9.30am to 11am at Rushcutters Bay Park (opposite the playground).
  • Wednesday 29 March, 4.30pm to 6pm at Steyne Park (adjacent the rotunda).

In the case of wet weather, these events will be rescheduled. Please refer to this page for pop-up session rescheduling.

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