Council is proposing to renew the user agreement we have with Rose Bay Community Garden Incorporated for use of the current garden site. As part of the renewal process we put this proposal on public exhibition.

The Community Garden was established in 2014 and provides a beautiful garden space for the local community, where people can grow organic fruit and vegetables, learn about sustainability and strengthen social connections.

Since the garden started, members have developed communal planting areas, member plots, a propagation area and a food forest. They have also established composting and worm farming facilities, a chicken run, and hives for native bees and honey bees. Organic gardening and sustainable living skills have been enhanced through the delivery of many workshops. Community connections have been strengthened with Neighbour Day celebrations, community feasts and regular visits from playgroups and other community support services. Members have successfully applied for grants to support these varied projects and to help establish a multi-function meeting space.

The garden now has 80 garden members caring for 34 individual plots and 4 shared plots for community produce.

We recognise the dedicated efforts of the community garden members who have contributed to these significant achievements over the past ten years. We are very supportive of the garden and hope to see it continue and flourish into the future.

We invited you to provide your feedback about the proposed renewal of this agreement so the area can continue to be used as a community garden.

Submissions closed Monday 26 February.