Why is Council proposing to replace the seawall?

    The existing boulder seawall is deteriorating, requiring replacement.

    What is Council proposing for the replacement of the seawall?

    The proposed seawall will maintain elements of the informal character of the existing boulder wall through the use of large sandstone blocks. For a portion of the wall, the sandstone blocks will be terraced to allow opportunities for informal seating.

    How is the project being funded?

    The seawall upgrade is funded as part of Council’s Capital Works Infrastructure Renewal Program 2019/2020.

    How do I get involved?

    We are seeking community feedback on detailed concept design for the seawall upgrade. You can upload your comments on the survey and let Council know what you think of the proposal. Submissions close Monday 28 September 2019.

    What happens next?

    Submissions close Monday 28 September 2019. Community feedback will be reviewed and where possible incorporated into the final design for construction. A summary of the feedback and the final design will be documented here.

    When is the work planned?

    Subject to outcome of this community engagement, final approvals and budget allocation, these works are expected to be built over the 2019/2020 financial year. Residents will be notified before any work starts.