About the Project

    Why is Council proposing to build a shared cycleway?

    Council adopted the Bicycle Strategy (2009) to facilitate cycling and improve transport mobility for all, cyclists and non-cyclists, throughout Woollahra.

    The strategy identifies the New South Head Road alignment as Route A2, which is a critical east-west cycling connection within Woollahra. It provides cycling access between Vaucluse and Rushcutters Bay (with connections to the City of Sydney).  

    Route A2 is presently incomplete; the primary section missing is the 2.4km cycleway between William Street, Double Bay and Norwich Road, Rose Bay.

    How long in total is the cycleway?

    The total length of the proposed cycleway is 2.4km. It runs along New South Head Road, between William Street, Double Bay and Norwich Road, Rose Bay.

    How long is the separated bi-directional cycleway section along Rose Bay Promenade?

    The section of the cycleway along Rose Bay Promenade measures approximately 700 metres. 

    Why is it important to complete this section of the cycleway?

    Planning for accessible pedestrian and bicycle-friendly road and footpath networks - and improving the safety and enjoyment of all users - is an important goal for Council, as set out in our Community Strategic Plan, Woollahra 2030.

    This 2.4km section is considered a critical section of the overall Route A2, as identified in our Bicycle Strategy (2009). It comprises on-road cycling lanes on generally lower speed/lower volume local roads and off-road cycling paths on New South Head Road, where cyclists are currently required to share road space in a high vehicle speed and volume environment. 

    Who is funding this project?

    The 2.4km upgrade will be joint-funded by Council and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). 

    In July 2018, RMS awarded Woollahra Council $1M as part of the 2018/19 Active Transport Grant Funding Program to deliver the New South Head Road Double Bay to Rose Bay Cycleway.

    The total cost of the preferred concept design is approximately $1.25M.

The Development Application

    Why has Council lodged a DA for Rose Bay Promenade?

    The 700m section of the cycleway along the Rose Bay Promenade requires development approval (DA) because it is listed on the State Heritage Register. The DA is considered 'integrated development' and will be referred to the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage for assessment. 

    The other sections of the cycleway that do not affect the Rose Bay Promenade do not need development consent under State infrastructure legislation (SEPP 2007).

    What does the DA propose?

    The DA proposes to construct a separated bi-directional cycleway on Rose Bay Promenade's existing footpath, to connect Double Bay and Rose Bay. 

    Why does Council prefer Option A?

    The Option A design speaks directly to our community's feedback and concerns around safety and minimising pedestrian-cyclist conflict. Implementing this design improves safety and enjoyment for all users.  

    This preferred design also provides separate bi-directional cycleways along the Promenade, where high pedestrian activity is regularly observed. 

    Where can I view the proposal?

    You can find links to the Rose Bay Promenade (DA) and the Double Bay to Rose Bay Cycleway preferred design on this site. 

    You can also: 

    • view the Rose Bay Promenade (DA) online by searching DA 152/2019.
    • view the Rose Bay Promenade (DA) by visiting Council's Customer Service Counter, located at 536 New South Head Road, Double Bay, between 8am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. 

    Who is determining the development application?

    The DA will be determined by the independent Woollahra Local Planning Panel. 

    If you make a submission, we will advise you in writing of the meeting date, time and location. You are welcome to attend the meeting and you will be given the opportunity to verbally present a summary of your submission before a decision is made. 

Heritage & Environment

    What are the heritage impacts with the section along the Rose Bay Promenade?

    Information about heritage impacts are contained in the Heritage Impact Statement.

    These mostly relate to trees and the alignment of the proposed cycleway. Importantly, Council's preferred design considers any adverse impacts on the trees along the Promenade.

    How is Council addressing the heritage considerations?

    Schedule 5 of Woollahra LEP 2014 lists Rose Bay seawall, balustrade and promenade - including lamp stands, concrete stairs, avenue of Weeping Figs and parking bays - as heritage items. 

    The preferred design concept proposes works along Rose Bay Promenade that require development consent under Woollahra LEP 2014 and approval under the NSW Heritage Act.

    The Rose Bay Promenade is listed on the State Heritage Register. To carry out activities to an item listed on the State Heritage register, Council must gain approval from the Heritage Council when making changes to these heritage items.

    Will trees be removed to accommodate the new cycleway?

    The removal of trees is not included in the preferred design for the proposed Double Bay to Rose Bay cycleway (entire 2.4km route). 

    Furthermore, the section along Rose Bay Promenade is designed so that no trees must be removed in order to accommodate the cycleway. 

Cyclist Safety

    How will cyclists merge at the the shared pathway entry and exit points?

    Clear, visible signage and line markings will be in place at the shared path entry and exit points to advise cyclists and pedestrians of their designated paths along the Promenade. 

    Will it be illegal for cyclists to use the pedestrian side of the Rose Bay Promenade?

    Generally, bicycle riders must not ride on a footpath. However, children under the age of 16 years can ride on the footpath unless there is a NO BICYCLES sign.

    Bicycle riders aged 16 years or older must not ride on a footpath unless:

    1. The rider is an adult accompanying and supervising a child who is under 16 years old.
    2. The rider is aged 16-17 years, and is cycling under the supervision of an adult accompanying a child under 16 years old.

    NSW Police is the agency responsible for the monitoring and enforcement of this activity.

    Will there be a speed limit for cyclists along the shared path and cycleway?

    Cyclists should always adjust their speed to their environment. For example, on a shared path, cyclists should try to ride at a speed that doesn't endanger themselves or those around them by travelling in excess of what is appropriate to the path environment, their experience and skill level. 

    Shared paths are paths designed for pedestrian and bicycle use. Shared paths are signposted and marked so you can tell if you are meant to share the path with pedestrians. When riding on a shared path, keep to the left at all times unless it is impractical to do so, and give way to pedestrians. 

    Cyclists should use a bell or horn to signal their presence to other users of the shared path, especially when approaching pedestrians and other riders. Bicycle riders must overtake on the right hand side and be particularly careful around young children, older pedestrians and animals.

Pedestrian Safety

    What is the proposed width of the pedestrian pathway along Rose Bay Promenade?

    The proposed width of the pedestrian pathway along Rose Bay Promenade is predominantly 2.8m. This is in excess of the 2.4m shared path width recommended by Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 6A - Pedestrian and Cyclist Paths

    In some areas along the promenade, for example where tree roots are exposed, treatment measures may be required to maintain pedestrian safety and preserve our leafy canopy.

    Why is Council reducing the current pedestrian path width along the Promenade?

    The project is designed to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians. In order to minimise the risk of cyclist-vehicle and cyclist-pedestrian interactions, Council is proposing a separated cycleway. A narrowing of the existing Promenade will accommodate the cycleway without adversely impacting the road width and available on-street parking. The proposed path width is still considered to be generous and would allow for three wheelchairs or prams meeting at the same point at the same time on the path to comfortably pass one another. 


    Will the vehicle road width be reduced to accommodate the shared path?

    No. A narrowing of the existing Promenade will accommodate the cycleway without adversely impacting the road width and available on-street parking. 

    Will drivers lose car parking spaces along New South Head Road once the cycleway is complete?

    No. The creation of a separated bi-directional cycleway along Rose Bay Promenade will not adversely impact available on-street parking. 

Community Consultation

    What did the previous community consultation involve?

    In December 2016, the community was consulted on a proposal to implement a shared path along the harbour-side footpath of this section of New South Head Road. 

    The initial Double Bay to Rose Bay Cycleway proposal comprised: 
    • a 2.5m - 4m wide shared path (a path that is shared by both pedestrians and cyclists)
    • installation of signage and line marking to guide path users
    • improved crossing opportunities of side streets for path users through the provision of refuge islands and road narrowing treatments.
    Council sent letters to all properties adjacent to the proposed path and posted A3-size signs at regular intervals along the path. The proposal was also discussed in three articles in the Wentworth Courier at that time.

    What was the feedback from the 2016 consultation?

    Council received a total of 140 submissions, with 71 against and 69 in support. The majority of objections centred on concerns for pedestrian safety along Rose Bay Promenade (representing 700m of the proposed 2.4km path. Ten of the 71 objectors reported having had a near miss or collision with a cyclist on the Promenade. Peak hour counts undertaken in March 2017 confirmed there is currently considerable use of the Promenade by cyclists (360 pedestrians, 23 cyclists counted, or 94/6 per cent split).

    How did Council respond to feedback from the 2016 community consultation?

    To address the safety concerns raised by the community during the 2016 consultation, Council developed three design options for the Rose Bay Promenade component of the cycleway that:

    • provide separation between pedestrians and cyclists
    • provide separation between cyclists and fast-moving motor vehicles on New South Head Road
    • are sympathetic to the Promenade's heritage significance.
    Beyond the Promenade area, the proposed original shared path is considered an appropriate cycleway treatment given the relatively low pedestrian activity. 

    Council also considered and responded to other community feedback by making the following design amendments:
    • Minor side road treatments giving priority for pedestrians and cyclists over vehicles at Gladswood Gardens, St Mervyns Avenue, Wunulla Road and the access road to Rose Bay Ferry Wharf to improve continuity for path users.
    • A change of path location from the harbour-side to the southern side of New South Head Road between Kent Street and Norwich Road in order to avoid higher pedestrian activity adjacent to Rose Bay retail area. This design characteristic will also ensure a reasonable path width is maintained, remove the potentil for pedestrian/cyclist conflicts at Vickery Avenue and an apartment complex driveway with high vehicle movements and provide a better connection to the existing on-road cycling route in Norwich Road, where a refuge island has recently been constructed. 

    What does Council want feedback on?

    We would like the community to review Council's preferred design for the Double Bay to Rose Bay Cycleway and the development application for the Rose Bay Promenade section of the cycleway.

    We invite you to share your feedback on either or both components. 

    How can I make a submission?

    Information about how to make a submission to the development application for Rose Bay Promenade can be found on this page or on Council's main website.

    What happens to my submission?

    All submissions to this DA must be received by 13 June 2019 to be included in Council's report.

    Council's assessment officer will prepare a report that includes an assessment of the development, any objections and a recommendation for approval, conditional approval or refusal.


    Submissions, summaries of submissions, and/or names and email addresses of people making submissions may be included in publicly available reports to Council or Committee Meetings and Council's website.

    Please note, in accordance with section 18(1)(b) of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998(External link) (NSW), you are advised that all submissions received by Council will be placed on the appropriate Council file and may be disclosed to Councillors, Council Officers, consultants to Council or members of the public.

    How do I receive updates on the DA?

    To stay up to date on Rose Bay Promenade (DA), register on Your Say Woollahra

    You only have to register once to take part in this and any other open Woollahra Council community consultations.

    What if I don't want to make a submission?

    Council will always consider the application in context of the relevant planning controls, any likely planning impact upon surrounding properties, and the applicant’s reasonable expectations to develop the land.

    The assessment officer will prepare a report which includes an assessment of the development, any objections and a recommendation for approval, conditional approval or refusal.

    In the case of the Rose Bay Promenade (DA), the independent Woollahra Local Planning Panel will make a determination.