Why is the draft Plan of Management on hold?

    The NSW Government is considering listing the Sir David Martin Reserve on the State Register. If the listing proceeds, for certain projects, it will require Council to obtain approval under the Heritage Act 1977 from Heritage NSW. This additional approval process will add time to the delivery of the Plan of Management.

    Where is Sir David Martin Reserve?

    Sir David Martin Reserve is located between Rushcutters Bay Park and Yarranabbe Park, at 1C New Beach Road, Darling Point. 

    What is a Plan of Management?

    A Plan of Management establishes the strategic framework that will inform and guide the future management of Sir David Martin Reserve. 

    The Plan of Management aims to:
    • establish a framework for the effective and sustainable ongoing management of the historic site
    • address the management and current uses and activities for the Reserve, acknowledging the community's right of access and enjoyment of the place
    • ensure the cultural heritage features are preserved and enhanced
    • review and make recommendations for improved access and circulation
    • ensure that visitation and use of the Reserve maintains the amenity of the neighbourhood.

    Why is Council writing a Plan of Management?

    The last Plan of Management for Sir David Martin Reserve was adopted in 2004. Now 15 years old, it needs revising to bring it up to date.

    The Reserve is owned by Crown Land. Under the new Crown Land Management Act 2016, Council, as the Crown Land Manager, is now required to revise the Plan of Management for Sir David Martin Reserve as community land under the Local Government Act 1993.

    How can I have my say?

    The easiest way to share your views on the future management of Sir David Martin Reserve is here, on Your Say Woollahra. 

    Please register, then take our survey. 

    What happens to the comments I make?

    Your feedback will help inform the draft Plan of Management, which will be put on public exhibition for further comment. Council will consider all submissions from the public exhibition in preparation of the final Plan.