April 2013

Report commenced on facilities for play for 8-14yr olds

Council requested a report on facilities for play for 8-14yr olds.

September 2013

Skate facility designer engaged

Council resolved to engage a skate facility designer to develop concept plans for youth  recreation facility
September 2015

Rushcutters Bay Park determined as site for youth recreation faciltity area

Rushcutters Bay Park was deteremined the most suitable site for youth recreation facilities.
Report available in Agenda for 7 September 2015 Community and Environment Committee meeting https://www.woollahra.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/157582/sept7-15ceage.pdf
April 2016

Public exhibitions of first concept plans

The first concept plan was put on public exhibition. Many respondents agreed that a youth recreation area was important and they intended to use the facility either as a active user, parent/guardian, or spectator.
Concerns were raised on noise, potential anti-social behaviour and loss of trees and green open space.
May 2017

Council resolved not to progress with first concept plan

Council resolved not to progress with the concept plan.
Details can be found in minutes of 1 May 2017 Council Meeting
October 2017

Revised options requested for provision of facilities for 8-14yr olds

Council noted previous decision and requested Council staff to provide options to progress with the provision of facilities for Woollahra's 8-14yr olds with consideration to a new location.
Details can be found in minutes of 16 October 2017 Council Meeting
February 2018

Council approved new location to progress with new concept plan for Youth Recreation Facility

Council approved new location in south west corner of Rushcutters Bay Park. This location addresses previous concerns of noise, anti-social behaviour, and loss of green space near the harbour.
Report can be found in agenda for 26 February 2018 Community and Environment Committee meeting https://www.woollahra.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/186768/CE_Agenda_-_26_Feb_2018.pdf
25 July → 31 August 2018

Consultation open for public submissions for new Concept Plan

Concept plans for a new location of youth recreation area, addressing previous concerns, on exhibition.
15 October 2018

Council Resolution

The Finance, Community & Services Committee resolved to appoint
a consultant to prepare an environmental assessment -- a Review of Environmental
Factors (REF) -- of the Youth Recreation Facility.

Full details of what was determined can be found in the minutes of the 15 October 2018 Finance, Community and Services Meeting https://www.woollahra.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/194165/FC_and_S_Minutes_-_15_October_2018v2.pdf
25 January 2019

Interim Heritage Order

Heritage Council of NSW has advised Council that it will be assessing the
heritage significance for the entire Rushcutters Bay Park. An Interim Heritage
Order for Rushcutters Bay Park was gazetted. 
April 2019

Ongoing development of REF

Ongoing development of the REF by consultants, whilst Council awaits more information
from the Heritage Council so we can respond to the Interim Heritage Order.