All submissions received on the Draft Edgecliff Commercial Centre Planning and Urban Design Strategy (the ECC Strategy) will be reported to the Strategic & Corporate Committee meeting on the 15 April 2024. Access the meeting agenda here.

A redacted copy of the submissions received for this project can be viewed here (124MB) or below under 'Exhibition Documents' > 'Consultation Feedback'.

About the draft ECC Strategy

The draft ECC strategy sets a new vision for the ECC and makes recommendations on key built form outcomes including land uses, heritage conservation, maximum building heights, active street frontages, affordable housing, design excellence, community infrastructure and transport.

The ECC is a key local hub for our community. It acts as a gateway connecting the Woollahra Local Government Area to the Sydney CBD and more broadly to the eastern suburbs. The centre’s proximity to Edgecliff train station and bus interchange also makes it an ideal location for new homes and commercial uses.

Since 2010, Edgecliff has been the subject of numerous planning proposal requests for increases to the maximum Height of Buildings (HOB) and Floor Space Ratio (FSR) standards in the Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014 to facilitate new buildings with a dominant residential use. Ad-hoc planning proposal requests focus on a particular site, which can result in a fragmented and uncoordinated approach to planning.

Council has undertaken a strategic review of the planning controls for the ECC in order to provide a clear and coordinated approach to planning that will prevent ad-hoc development.

3D Modelling of preferred built form (SJB 2018)

Key elements of the draft ECC strategy are:

  • Heritage: Conserve and enhance existing heritage and transition the built form sensitively to the adjoining heritage conservation areas.
  • Land use: Support the ECC’s community and business role through minimum non-residential floor space, and focus commercial uses close to the train station.
  • Density: Provide opportunities for greater building heights and floor space. This will be subject to meeting certain criteria for site amalgamation, design excellence and delivery of community infrastructure.
  • Design excellence: Ensure that new development is of the highest standard of architectural and urban design
  • Community infrastructure: Require new development to contribute to new and upgraded community infrastructure.
  • Affordable housing: Require affordable housing at a minimum rate of 5% of new residential floor space.
  • Public domain: Enhance the public domain, encourage active transport infrastructure and facilitate urban greening.
  • Traffic and transport: Mitigate traffic impacts through infrastructure upgrades and encouragement of car sharing by reduced car parking requirements.

The draft ECC Strategy is accompanied by the Draft ECC Public Domain Plan which identifies potential public domain improvements in the ECC such as new public spaces, urban greening, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure to guide private and public investment in the future.

The draft strategy is also supported by technical consultant documents which provide a detailed analysis of economic, transport, planning and urban design matters.

Information webinar

Council held an online webinar on Friday 25 June 2021 to present the key elements of the draft strategy.

A recording of this webinar can be found on the top right hand side of this page.

The public exhibition of the draft strategy is only the first step in planning for the future of the ECC. There will be future opportunities to provide your feedback on the draft planning controls for the ECC.

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