At it's meeting of 12 December 2022, Council resolved to proceed with the planning proposal to list eighteen (18) Ausgrid electricity substations, as local heritage items in Schedule 5 and on the Heritage Map of the Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014 (Woollahra LEP 2014).

You can read the full resolution here.

Following Council's resolution, the amendment was notified by the Department of Planning and Environment on 7 July 2023. Woollahra LEP 2014 (Amendment No. 31) came into force on the day it was notified. You can view the amendment on the NSW Legislation website.

The public exhibition period ran from Wednesday 5 October 2022 to Friday 11 November 2022.

Thank you to everyone who made a submission on this planning proposal. Your participation is valuable in helping to shape Council's planning controls to ensure they reflect the views of the whole community.

You can still find everything you need to know about the exhibition on this page, including FAQs and links to important documents.

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About the planning proposal

Woollahra Council exhibited a planning proposal to list eighteen (18) Ausgrid electricity substations, as local heritage items in Schedule 5 and on the Heritage Map of the Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014. Specifically, the substations proposed for listing are:

  • Electricity Substation No. 94: 73A Dover Road, Rose Bay [Lot 1 DP 121861]
  • Electricity Substation No. 99: Wyuna Road, Point Piper [Road reserve]
  • Electricity Substation No. 135: 65 William Street, Double Bay [Lot 1 DP 172768]
  • Electricity Substation No. 160: James Street, Woollahra [Lot 1 DP 587872]
  • Electricity Substation No. 173: 582 New South Head Road, Point Piper [Lot 1 DP 1103924]
  • Electricity Substation No. 185, including brick fence: 116 Birriga Road, Bellevue Hill [Lot Y DP 415489]
  • Electricity Substation No. 189: 33 Hoddle Street, Paddington [Lot 1 DP 187153]
  • Electricity Substation No. 193: Olphert Avenue Vaucluse [Lot 28 DP 666593]
  • Electricity Substation No. 199: Marathon Road, Darling Point [Lot 1 in DP 315729 and Lot A in DP 415567]
  • Electricity Substation No. 299, including brick fence: Drumalbyn Road, Bellevue Hill [Lot A DP 320729]
  • Electricity Substation No. 314, including front fence: 1 Dalley Avenue, Vaucluse [Lot 35 DP 1108999]
  • Electricity Substation No. 315, including brick fence: 7 Plumer Road, Rose Bay [Lot 1 DP 1079372]
  • Electricity Substation No. 318: 13 Drumalbyn Road, Bellevue Hill [Lot 1 DP 328329]
  • Electricity Substation No. 357, including front and side stone walls: March Street, Bellevue Hill [Lot 1 DP 607315]
  • Electricity Substation No. 361: Boronia Road, Bellevue Hill [Lot O DP 17114]
  • Electricity Substation No. 364: 1A Rupertswood Avenue, Bellevue Hill [Lot 1 DP 184315]
  • Electricity Substation No. 592: 14 Robertson Place, Watsons Bay [Lot 1 DP 231114]
  • Electricity Substation No. 622: 148 Boundary Street, Paddington [Lot 1 DP 219492]

An LEP is a legal instrument that zones land and includes standards and controls to regulate the use and nature of development and the management of land. The amendment to the Woollahra LEP 2014 involves including each of the electricity substations, as a local heritage item in Schedule 5 and on the associated heritage maps. Heritage listing aims to provide ongoing protection and recognition of the heritage significance of these sites.

Council has been authorised to use its delegation under section 3.36 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to approve the LEP. The Department of Planning and Environment has classified this planning proposal as 'standard' as described in the Local Environmental Plan Making Guidelines (Department of Planning and Environment, 2021).

A detailed description of the heritage significance of the item is included in the supporting documents to the planning proposal, particularly in the Ausgrid Section 170 Register Heritage Review by Woollahra Council dated (updated 29 September 2022) and the heritage inventory sheets.

The planning proposal has been through a public exhibition phase and, subject to the Council’s decision after considering submissions, a draft LEP will be prepared to amend the Woollahra LEP 2014.


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