Public exhibition

We're exhibiting Draft Woollahra Development Control Plan (Amendment 24) which includes administrative updates to business zone names. These are required by the NSW Government's employment zone reforms.

These changes have already been applied to the Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014 and apply to chapters that affect the whole Woollahra LGA.

More information:

In 2022, the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI) made changes to business and industrial land use zones in all local environmental plans (LEPs) across New South Wales.

The key changes were:

  • Land zoned B1 Neighbourhood Centre and B2 Local Centre was merged and replaced with a new zone called E1 Local Centre; and
  • Land zoned B4 Mixed Use was replaced with a new zone called MU1 Mixed Use.

These changes are shown in Figure 1 below:

The new E1 Local Centre and MU1 Mixed Use zones introduced new mandatory zone objectives and amendments to the land uses that are permitted or prohibited in these zones.

As a consequence of the above changes, it is necessary to update the names of relevant zones in the Woollahra DCP 2015 to ensure our local controls can continue to be enforced after the two-year transitional period expires. This will also make the Woollahra DCP 2015 consistent with the Woollahra LEP 2014. Accordingly, the Draft DCP on exhibition includes the following changes:

  • Updates all references to B1 Neighbourhood Centre and B2 Local Centre to E1 Local Centre
  • Updates all references to the B4 Mixed Use to MU1 Mixed Use

No other changes are proposed.

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The public exhibition period will run from Wednesday 13 March 2024 to Sunday 14 April 2024.

Take a look at the Draft DCP and provide any feedback via one of the following methods:

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  • Email:, quoting reference - SC7708
  • Mail: Letter addressed to the General Manager at Woollahra Council, PO Box 61, Double Bay NSW 1360, quoting reference - SC7708

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